About the Event

The Space Coast Charity Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is game where teams compete against other teams or individuals to search for and gather items, perform tasks, take pictures and/or complete challenges from a prepared list. The team with the most points wins. However, an actual scavenger hunt is so much more than that. It's a great way to have fun with co-workers, family and old friends and an exciting way to meet some new ones. It's also an entertaining way to learn more about your area than you ever thought you would and see the Space Coast in a whole new way. We get you up close and personal with all the art, architecture and history you drive by everyday.

Urban Adventure

You'll need to solve local trivia, play fun games, and collect items from local mechants. It's like a real life Trivia game! Along the way you'll face exciting challenges like eating crickets, cycling, memory games, identifying a new topping of pizza, and much more.

Selected Charities

Proceeds of the event will benefit three great local charities this year. You can choose which "charity: team you are playing for. brevard alzheimers foundation South Brevard Sharing Center


1st Place: $500 CASH (To be shared with the whole team)
2nd Place: $200 in Local Merchant Gift Cards (To be shared with the whole team)
3rd Place: $100 in Local Merchant Gift Cards (To be shared with the whole team)

There will be MANY MANY bonus games, last year we had over $25,000 in gift cards!

It's going to be an amazing day of scouring the Space Coast, so be sure to make plans with your favorite team of hunters in hopes of being crowned LOCAL champions!

The anticipation is killing you and you haven't even received your list yet.

Teams will meet at 9 a.m. and after a briefing to go over the rules you will be given your list of tasks that must be accomplished to complete the scavenger hunt urban assault. It should take no longer than a few hours to complete the tasks. The team with the best completed tasks will win first prize, but everyone will be a winner because you'll most likely learn a few things that you never knew about the Space Coast.

It's great family fun, so join now and win great prizes.