Make it a SUPER Day of Fun!

Are you ready for some fun!  It’s scavenger time! The SUPERHERO Space Coast Charity Scavenger Hunt is scheduled for Spring 2019. Grab a friend or a group of friends and prepare for your most memorable day of the year.  It’s also an entertaining way to learn more about your hometown, make new friends and just be crazy!

Urban Adventure

You’ll need to solve local trivia, play fun games, and collect items from local merchants. It’s like a real-life trivia game! Along the way you’ll face exciting challenges like eating crickets, cycling, memory games, identifying a new topping of pizza, and much more.


1st Place: $200 CASH (To be shared with the whole team)
2nd Place: $100 in Local Merchant Gift Cards (To be shared with the whole team)
3rd Place: $50 in Local Merchant Gift Cards (To be shared with the whole team)

It’s going to be an amazing day of scouring the Space Coast, so be sure to make plans with your favorite team of hunters in hopes of being crowned LOCAL champions!

Teams will meet in the morning and after a briefing to go over the rules you will be given your list of tasks that must be accomplished to complete the scavenger hunt urban assault. It should take no longer than a few hours to complete the tasks. The team with the best-completed tasks will win first prize, but everyone will be a winner because you’ll most likely learn a few things that you never knew about the Space Coast.

It’s great family fun, so join now and win great prizes.

It’s Wacky

You may be kayaking, biking, have your hands in a pot of grease, eating crickets or worse!
Last year, over 200 teams!

It’s Fun!

Stop by local merchants and play fun games! No two games are alike! Both physical and mental challenges!

Last Year: over 150 sponsor stops

It’s Strategic!

Choose the best games to play, to win the biggest prizes. Win Pizza For A Year, Coffee for A Year and Lots of CASH too!

Last Year: Over $75,000 in prizes!

It’s Unforgettable!

Can you ever forget the time you sang a Journey song while driving to eat live crickets with your best friend?
Last Year, 200 Facebook videos with millions of laughs!

Superhero Division (Competitive)

$40per team
  • You Can Win Sponsor Raffles
  • You Want To Win Photo Contests
  • You Want To Win Sponsor Games
  • You Want To Win 1st Place
  • You Want To Be A Divison Winner
  • You Want To Be A Grand Prize Winner
  • You Take The Game Very Seriously
  • Team Consists of Two Players

Sidekick Division (Fun)

$25per team
  • You Can Win Sponsor Raffles
  • You Want To Win Photo Contests
  • You Want To Play Sponsor Games
  • Team Consists of a Carload of Friends

Frequently Asked Questions

I just registered, what’s next?

Starting December 1, 2018, all of the registered teams will start receiving DAILY clues about the hidden cash. All teams will also receive a “Team Registration” form which will include items like team member names and email address and texting numbers. Each team will need a captain. On the day of the hunt, only the captain will be receiving clues and messages from the event organizers. However, before the event, all team members will be getting updates.

What can I bring?

Anything you want! We always suggest a white hand towel and comfortable shoes.

Is this Scavenger Hunt like geocaching?

Kind of. In geocaching, participants use GPS to find treasures. Our participants won’t find hidden treasures, they will be looking for destinations, performing tasks, and solving mysteries about the Space Coast. In letterboxing, participants must solve clues to find, well… letterboxes.

Do we have to wear matching or coordinated costumes?

No, but SUPERHERO costumes are STRONGLY encouraged. We will award a gift certificate to a local restaurant for Best Costume.

Can I just show up or do I have to register?

You can show up, but spots are limited and prices on “hunt” day may be higher.

Will maps be provided?

Addresses: Yes. Maps: No. It is up to each team to provide their maps. We recommend using Google maps on your smartphone or printed maps.

Can my business sponsor?

Absolutely! Click Here