Rules, Please


• Visit Sponsors
• Complete Tasks
• Take Pictures
• Meet Nice Strangers

There are two courses this year—North and South. You may play one or both between 9 am and 4:30 pm.

North Course: Saturday, February 23, 2019
South Course: Saturday, March 2, 2019

Since you are scored on how many tasks you complete, many teams will complete both courses; some teams may even get to every sponsor. You must visit all title sponsors to complete the course in the competitive division.

The biggest task, as always, is timing. Some sponsors are open the full 9 am to 4:30 pm, but most are open less. The score card has the times the sponsor locations are open. You will score half points for that location if you go when closed, just take a picture of the front door. For maximum points, plan your route with store openings in mind.

Different sponsors have different points, and many sponsors have bonus mini-games for extra points. Do as many as you can! We are always excited at the new fun games the sponsors cook up. Please have a towel and maybe even a spare t-shirt in case you get yucky.

There will be an overall winner and winners for each course. If you want to win a course, completing all the tasks is encouraged.

“Pictures to take” and ”things to bring back” can be done from any course. You do not have to stay in the zone to complete that task.

After you get your game card at the starting point (TBD) on Saturday morning, you can go anywhere you want, do anything you want. No need to check back in to the other starting points.

You are not expected to do every task, just as many as you can!

We have a huge surprise in store for you! Save some energy for the big finish. Please report back to the finish line between 4 and 4:30 on Saturday.

Looking forward to a great year, and good luck!!!!


You can pick up a printed copy of this at the starting point the day before. You may pick up other teams’ packets for them.


The bibs will be used to verify that you have completed each challenge. The sponsors at each challenge will check your bib and record your score on your official scorecard. Don’t remove them from this bib until you reach the final challenge.


All teams must check in Saturday Morning by 9 am.


The game has been divided into two zones. Your pre-event packet has a list of the important addresses. Start at your favorite sponsor and  then work through the list strategically.

Although you can leave the zone and move on, it will be best strategy to complete all the challenges in that geographic location.


Most sponsors will be holding their games and raffles from 9 am to 4:30 pm. However, some may not. Plan your event day accordingly, competitive teams will need to pay close attention to this for maximum points. The opening and closing times will be on the zone charts. If you arrive at a sponsor and they are not open, you can get half credit for arriving by taking a picture of the front door.


Many of the sponsors will be donating prizes that can be won. Please purchase your raffle tickets either on the site or day of the event. Tickets are $1 each.


Competitive teams can purchase two gold coin skips per team. This will allow a team to skip two mini-games and not be penalized. A skip costs $10 and can be purchased during the pre-race pick up. All money raised will also go to charity.


Plenty of parking will be available at the sponsor locations. Please obey all parking laws. This is NOT a race to the finish. OBEY ALL SPEEDING LAWS.


Bib numbers MUST be worn at all times by one participant of each team on event day. Your shoes will likely take a beating, so don’t wear those brand new ones. Bring your sense of humor, charity and fun! The event is, above all else, really really fun and for CHARITY! Be prepared to get: Wet? Dirty? Muddy? Stinky? We are taking all efforts to make sure when you get back in your car, you will be clean again.


NO ROADS WILL BE CLOSED FOR THE EVENT. Please stay on the sidewalk and obey all signals from police officers and crossing guards. Please cross only at a signal or stoplight. The course may have steep sections or rough, rocky terrain. Please GO SLOW and watch your footing. You must obey all orders given by Law Enforcement, safety personnel and volunteers. Pay attention to signs along the event course.


The course will close at 4:30 PM; Return to the finish for a final surprise challenge.


There will be a $200 cash award for first place overall in the Competitive Division. There will also be prizes for second and third and other categories at the after party.


Players should start to arrive after 4:00 pm as the zone courses will be closed. There will be plenty of space. AND WE HAVE A BIG SURPRISE AS AN ENDING.


You will not need to be present to win the raffles that are announced within a few days. All winning tickets will be placed on Facebook and the website.


The event will be modified to deal with weather issues, but it is considered a “rain or shine” event, so come ready to event in any kind of weather!


This is a charity event. All effort has been made to please the masses not the individual. Some games will be exciting (to you), some will be bor-ing (to you), some games will be easy (to you) and some game will be challenging (to you). We have tried to make the events as diverse as we can to appeal to all.