Hidden Money Status:


The Clues

Let’s leave off with the same clue that ended last year’s hunt. It’s vital to remember this premise:

“The [money] will be found in the place where it’s most appreciated by its giver.”

With that said, this year’s cash has been donated by Famous Faces and Funnies. And with that said, the money is NOT hidden inside the comic store in West Melbourne. The last thing they need is people rummaging through product, lol.

This year, you will be able to check the “correctness of your guesses” on the Space Coast Hunt website. Link below.

Obviously, it’s very early, but maybe use the first couple clues to see how this will be going.

Clue 1

Box 3: This is the last digit of the zip code where the money is hidden.

Clue 2

December 1, 2018

Super Hero of the Day: UNDERDOG

Sweet Polly Purebred loved to hear these words:

“There’s no need to fear–
Underdog is here!”

In Box 9, where is the here of “Underdog’s here”?

Clue 3

December 2, 2018

Super Hero of the Day: HERCULES

This is a math problem.

Number of Hercules labors [minus] number of heads of a hydra [plus] the number of US Battleships named Hercules [times] the number designation of included airplane.

This answer will be needed in a future clue.

Clue 4

December 3, 2018

Super Hero of the Day: FIRESTAR

Is there a loose connection to a cat? That’s not New, is it?

She also has a super power that may be needed in your kitchen and Box 3.

Tomorrow’s Hero: Plastic Man

Clue 5

December 4, 2018

Super Hero of the Day: IRON MAN

Periodically , you should think of IRON Man. Should this really be Clue 26?

Don’t be transitional.

Clue 6

December 5, 2018

Super Hero of the Day: PLASTIC MAN

It’s not Plastic Man the plastic surgeon. It’s not Plastic Man the credit card man.

Working on Box 7. Plastic? Some things made of plastic are much stronger and more efficient than the same thing made of steel. Superman, be jealous.

For the item in Box 7, you will need a very important piece of plastic, but not it’s steel equivalent.

Clue 7

December 6, 2018

Super Hero of the Day: AQUA MAN

Where is Aqua Man most comfortable? Water, of course!

South Brevard is full of many bodies of water from oceans to puddles.

Box 6 will be the name of the BODY of water within 100 yards of the hidden money.

Clue 8

December 7, 2018

Super Hero of the Day: THE FLASH

Let’s use this Super Hero for a lesson and  a clue.

The lesson: In the past, the hidden money has never  been found by the first person who has touched it, the first person who has seen it, or even the first person who knew EXACTLY where it was. When it comes to money finding, follow your instinct, follow your gut, slow down and look.

The clue: You will need a FLASHlight to find your money during the day, but not at night.

Clue 9

Weekend : December 8 and 9, 2018

Super Heroes of the Day:  INVISIBLE WOMAN & MR. FANTASTIC

Not all Super Heroes have alter egos. (i.e. Thor), but these two do. The weekend clue is in their alter egos, not their powers.

Clue 10

Monday: December 10, 2018

Super Hero of the Day: BLACK WIDOW

The Black Widow is known for her dexterity.

From Wikipedia: Her agility is greater than that of an Olympic gold medalist. She can coordinate her body with balance, flexibility, and dexterity easily.

When you get the final container, your feet will NOT be on the ground.

Clue 11

Tuesday: December 11, 2018

Super Hero of the Day: SUPERMAN

If the Black Widow is known for her nimbleness, Superman is TRULY known for his strength.

The hidden money will be attached with a super strong magnet to keep it in place, but would even the Man of Steel be able to dislodge it? You may need an object in one of the clue boxes to get the job done.

Clue 12

Wednesday : December 12, 2018

Super Hero of the Day: BATMAN

Is it Batman or Batmen?

Did you know bats are indigenous to Brevard County? Bat nests are a great place to hide something; kinda like Batman had a hidden Batcave.

Count the Batmen. That’s a clue too.

So think, where is a public place that a hidden bat nest may be? Maybe.

Clue 13

Thursday : December 13, 2018

Super Hero of the Day: THE HULK

So, what color is THE HULK? Green , Like Money? Like Grass? Like Broccoli?

That’s a clue for Box 2.

The Hulk is known for:

As Bruce Banner: Genius-level intellect and

As Hulk: Invulnerability Superhuman strength, stamina and durability.

It may take a HULK to find the money.

Clue 14

Friday : December 14, 2018

Super Hero of the Day: CAPTAIN AMERICA

The patriotic super-soldier. SUPERHERO will always stop and salute the American Flag.

Maybe you should too when looking for hidden money.

Clue 15

Weekend  : December 15-16, 2018


The picture to the right actually has 3 Clue[s].

Clue 16

Monday  : December 17, 2018

Super Hero of the Day: Wonder Woman.

The character Wonder Woman is a founding member of the Justice League and an ambassador of the Amazon people.

Is that the New York City, Arlington, or Nashville people?

Tuesday’s Superhero: Captain Caveman

Clue 17

Tuesday  : December 18, 2018

Super Hero of the Day: Captain Caveman

¿Quién era la voz?

Clue 18

Wednesday  : December 19, 2018

Super Hero of the Day: Wonder Twins

The benefactor of the Wonder Twins is the Brevard Alzheimer’s Foundation. What do the Wonder Twins and Alzheimer’s have in common?

Clue 19

Thursday  : December 20, 2018

Super Hero of the Day: Thor

When a movie is created about previous comic, there are bound to be significant differences. For the clue tonight and to build on a future clue, what is a significant difference between movie Thor and comic Thor?

Clue 20

Friday : December 21, 2018

Super Hero of the Day: Cyborg

Advanced Mechanical Being? Super Human biological genius?

Take Cyborg’s IQ and subtract his from Mr. Cawley’s IQ.

You will need this number.

Clue 21

Weekend : December 22-23 2018

One hundred years ago, it was proven that a spider was within four feet of every person 93 % of their life.

Today we can say the key to the money is within 4 feet of the searchers 93 % of the time.

Spoiler Alert: It’s not your phone.

Clue 22

Wednesday : December 26, 2018

Dr. Strange’s origin story indicates that he was once a surgeon.

Name three things a doctor, especially a surgeon, cannot do without.

Two of them you will need as you get close to the hidden money.

Clue 23

Thursday : December 27, 2018

Super Hero of the Day: Daredevil

Although the character is blind, his remaining four senses function with superhuman accuracy and sensitivity, giving him abilities far beyond the limits of a sighted person.

That’s a clue.

Clue 24

Friday : December 28, 2018

Superhero of the Day: Human Torch

First of all, no flames or fires will be needed to find the hidden money.

Oh, that’s the clue. And a real hot one.

Clue 25

Wednesday : January 2, 2018

Super Hero of the Day: Adam Strange

Strange … Two “Strange” in a row.

Like Adam, the clues are Omniscient and Omnipresent.

Look Right!

Clue 26

Thursday : January 3, 2018

Super Hero of the Day: Invisible Woman

As a key member of the Fantastic Four, her superpowers include invisibility (of course) and the ability to create force fields.

Invisible? Maybe only to the naked eye. But not the camera.

Clue 27

Friday : January 4, 2018

Super Hero of the Day: Martian Manhunter

There’s that PURPLE robe again.

That’s a clue.

Can “Martian Vision” see things like an x-ray machine can? But what can’t he see in Box 9?

Aside from his superhuman abilities as a Martian, he is also a very capable detective and sleuth. Like you!

Clue 28

Monday : January 7, 2018

Super Hero of the Day: Hawkeye

As an Avenger, Haweye is Master archer and marksman. He is also an expert tactician, just like anyone looking for hidden money.

Check out the picture to the left for tonight’s clue. Or is that the clue?

Clue 29

Tuesday : January 8, 2018

Super Hero of the Day: Black Panther

Along with possessing enhanced abilities achieved through ancient Wakandan rituals of drinking the essence of the heart-shaped herb, Black Panther also relies on his proficiency in science, rigorous physical training, hand-to-hand combat skills, and access to wealth and advanced Wakandan technology to combat his enemies.

Hmm … we have some Panthers in Melbourne that sound kinda similar, especially that “science” part.  Oh and the “physical training” part, too.

Clue 30. Wednesday, January 9

Super Hero of the Day: Nightwing

Wow. A few clues from that picture.

Did you know the hidden cash has never been found at night. … Well, it won’t be this year either. Definitely not after 6 pm.

Clue 31. Thursday, January 10

Super Hero of the Day: Beast Boy

Again, use the picture for clues.

Beast Boy has the ability to morph and transform into any animal that he has seen himself or has seen in an illustration. What animal would help the cash finder EASILY locate its stash? Well that clue may have already been given.

Clue 32. Friday, January 11

Super Hero of the Day: Luke Cage

Luke Cage is known for his  superhuman strength and unbreakable skin. Things are sometimes protected in “skins” from elements.  You can always see the skin, but unless you have x-ray powers you won’t see what’s inside.

Clue 33. Monday, January 14

Super Hero of the Day: Mr. Fanstastic

For virtually his entire publication history, Mister Fantastic has been depicted as one of the most intelligent characters in the Marvel Universe. Amoung others, he is noted for the following abilities:

Genius-level intellect
Extreme superhuman elasticity, malleability, and endurance
Resistance to most physical assaults and electricity
Virtual immunity to psychic powers

Hmmm. Resistance to electricity. Shocking!

Clue 34. Tuesday, January 15

Super Hero of the Day: Marvelman

To transform into Marvelman, young reporter named Micky Moran speaks the word “Kimota”.

What does that mean?

Clue 35. Wednesday, January 16

Super Hero of the Day: Black Canary

Black Canary has a special superpower called the the “canary cry”. This allows her to create ultrasonic vibrations whenever she screams, allowing her to severely damage both organic and inorganic objects.

By definition, ultrasound is nothing but sound waves with frequencies higher than the upper audible limit of human hearing. Ultrasound is no different from ‘normal’ (audible) sound in its physical properties, except in that humans cannot hear it.

Kinda like looking for hidden cash, humans may not be able to “see” it. Or hear it? Hmm.

Clue 36. Thursday, January 17

Super Hero of the Day: Ultra Boy

Ultra Boy first appeared in Superboy, in which he was sent back in time to Superboy’s home town of Smallville to prove himself worthy of joining the Legion by learning Superboy’s secret identity. In his first adventure he only demonstrated his vision powers, known as “penetra-vision”.

Or is it Penta-Vision?

Clue 37. Monday, January 21

Super Hero of the Day: Captain Shazam

Captain Shazam is known for the following abilities:

Wisdom of Solomon: enhanced intellect, knowledge and focus of the gods
Strength of Hercules: superhuman strength
Stamina of Atlas: superhuman stamina and near-invulnerability
Power of Zeus: control over magic lightning, near-immortality, and spell-casting
Courage of Achilles: indomitable will
Speed of Mercury: superhuman speed

Of the six, which one doesn’t belong when looking for hidden money?  Steady now.

Clue 38. Tuesday, January 22

Super Hero of the Day: Swamp Thing

Swamp Thing has a few abilities we  all wish we had:

Abilities like Superhuman strength and durability, Plant manipulation, Plant physiology, Elasticity

But how about Plant Identification?

How about toxicodendron radicans nearby. You better be elastic, too!

Clue 39. Wednesday, January 23

Super Hero of the Day: Cyclone

Cyclone (real name Maxine Hunkel) demolishes her grandmother’s garage and, the next day, she awoke inside a tornado five hundred feet off the ground. The young woman soon realizes that she has the power to manipulate wind.

I wonder of its all four types?

Clue 40. Thursday, January 24

Super Hero of the Day: THING


Chameleon or THING.

Kinda the same.

Clue 41. Sunday, January 27

Super Hero of the Day: Wonder Dog

In the Super Friends animated series, Wonder Dog is portrayed as the pet of Wendy and Marvin, who could transform into a giant dog.

If this dog is a superhero, it must also have super abilities a “normal” dog could have.

Did you know:

For one thing, dogs posses up to 300 million olfactory receptors in their noses, compared to about six million in us. And the part of a dog’s brain that is devoted to analyzing smells is, proportionally speaking, 40 times greater than ours.

Lesson: Use all your senses when searching for hidden money.

Clue 43. Wednesday, January 30

Super Hero of the Day: The Atom

The Atom possesses the power to alter his size down to the subatomic level while retaining his natural strength level. So that means he can look in small places that maybe other superheroes cannot. That’s a clear advantage when looking for hidden money.

As a member of the Indigo Tribe, he possessed an indigo power ring powered by compassion, which provided him with flight, energy projection, and a protective force field. That’s a clue, too.

Clue 42. Monday, January 28

Super Hero of the Day: The Atom

The Atom possesses the power to alter his size down to the subatomic level while retaining his natural strength level. So that means he can look in small places that maybe other superheroes cannot. That’s a clear advantage when looking for hidden money.

As a member of the Indigo Tribe, he possessed an indigo power ring powered by compassion, which provided him with flight, energy projection, and a protective force field. That’s a clue, too.

Clue 43. Wednesday, January 30

Super Hero of the Day: Wolverine

Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Mammalia
Order: Carnivora
Family: Canidae
Genus: Canis
Species: C. lupus

Also know that live away from people and are great protectors of valuables.

Clue 44. Thursday, January 31

Super Hero of the Day: Huntress

Huntress is the daughter of the Batman and Catwoman. She wears purple. And she is a highly skilled gymnast.

I bet she could find hidden money very easily.

Clue 45. Sunday, February 3

Super Heroes of the Day: Brady and Goff

Super Heros, Super Sunday, Super Bowl.

The clues are RIGHT there.

Clue 46. Monday, February 4

Super Heroes of the Day: The Three On The Cover

A good cash hunter can almost solve the WHOLE search with  this one image.

Clue 47. Wednesday, February 6

Super Heroes of the Day: SuperGirl

Does SuperGirl have a Kryptonite? IF she did, would it be found somewhere in Brevard County?

She doesn’t look allergic to purple flowers.

Clue 48. Thursday, February 7

Super Heroes of the Day: Lagoon Boy

Lagoon Boy discovers a conch horn that allows him to call out to his Spotty, a monstrous animal from the undersea trench called the Devil’s Deep. The correct “horn” just may unearth the hidden money.

Horn. Bell. Dinner Triangle. Same thing.

Lagoon Boy has also displayed the ability to speak to humpback whales. Did he sound like Dory?

Clue 49. Monday, February 11

Super Heroes of the Day: Namor the Sub-Mariner

Through the years, Namor has been portrayed as an antihero alternately from a good-natured but short-fused superhero, or a hostile invader seeking vengeance for perceived wrongs that misguided surface-dwellers committed against his underwater kingdom.

Now please DON’T make Namor mad.

February 10, 2019

Clue 50. Tuesday, February 12

Super Heroes of the Day: Aquagirl

Sub Diego. No.
Sub Melbourne. Yes.

Clue 51. Wednesday, February 13

Super Heroes of the Day: Slipstream

Today’s superhero lives 1710km away from the hidden money, kinda.

Wouldn’t it be tubular to find the money?

Clue 52. Friday, February 15

Superhero of the day: Hawkgirl

According to WikiPedia, Hawkgirl has loads of abilities. She has one that is specific to her and would not be on any of the others on out list. That’s a clue.

>> Flight via Nth metal feathered wings
>> Reincarnation via Nth metal knife
>> Highly skilled armed and unarmed combatant
>> Superhuman strength and super-acute vision
>> Has a healing factor
>> Ability to communicate with birds
>> Utilizes Nth metal gravity-defying belt and archaic weaponry
>> Temperature regulation
>> Immortality granted through reincarnation process
>> Multilingualism
>> Has exceptional senses and hearing thanks to long-term exposure to Nth metal
>> Superhuman endurance

Clue 53. Monday, February 18

Superhero of the day: ZZZax

As a being of pure electricity, Zzzax is capable of absorbing and discharging powerful currents of electricity; manipulating nearby electrical fields and equipment, and, also, flying. The character’s size and strength increases in proportion to the amount of electricity absorbed. This control of electric current extends to the human nervous system, as Zzzax has been shown controlling the Hulk. Zzzax is also dependent upon brain electricity, and when killing prey will temporarily take on the personality traits of the victim. Zzzax has been shown generating intense heat, to the point whereby water – a previous weakness – evaporates before touching it.

Plus.. he is always last on the roster. hmm.

Clue 54. Wednesday, February 20

Superhero of the day: Metamorpho

Wow. Check out all the clues in this picture.

And one hint, know your charity awareness colors.

Confused? Good!